• SEBstar HTL - High Temperature Enzyme - 4 oz


SEBstar HTL is a heat-stable, liquid alpha-amylase enzyme. It is produced by controlled fermentation of a non-GMO strain of Bacillus licheniformis. This liquid enzyme is food-grade, Kosher Certified and can be used to produce certified-organic beverages. SEBstar HTL is an endo-amylase that randomly hydrolyzes alpha- 1,4-glycosidic bonds in gelatinized starch. The prolonged action of SEBstar HTL rapidly reduces the viscosity of gelatinized starch and produces large amounts of lower molecular weight dextrins.

SEBstar HTL is used in the starch industry to continuously liquefy and dextrinize gelatinized, wet-milled corn and wheat starch for the production of low-dextrose (DE 7 – 15) starch syrups. Because of its heat stability, broad pH tolerance, and low calcium requirement, SEBstar HTL can be used to liquefy starch slurries at temperatures as high as 90C without the addition of calcium. In the alcohol industry, it is used for high-temperature liquefaction of starch containing grain mashes (corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, rice etc.) for production neutral spirits. In the brewing industry, SEBstar HTL is used to rapidly liquefy and reduce the viscosity of grain adjuncts.

This product will treat up to about a 100 gallon wash.

**These enzymes are not returnable.

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SEBstar HTL - High Temperature Enzyme - 4 oz

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