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Wormwood has been used in brewing fermented beverages since ancient times. Its powerful bitterness was prized by distillers and brewers, as were its strong antibacterial properties. Wormwood has a mild minty licorice aroma, but it has extremely strong herbal bittering properties and perhaps is the most potent bittering herb in existence. It has made a name for itself around the globe as one of the primary ingredients in Absinthe. In absinthe, wormwood provides the bitterness, green hue, and thujone (the psychoactive component). It is because of this thujone that wormwood absinthe was banned in the United States until recently. Wormwood has been used as a traditional remedy for treating intestinal worms for centuries and is also useful for treating intestinal, liver, and gallbladder problems.

Buy wormwood today and use up to 3 pounds (or as little as 4 ounces) for a batch of absinthe.


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