• Moonshine Distiller's Absinthe Essence

Are you looking for those anise, wormwood, and fennel flavors found in traditional absinthe, without the risk of jailtime or psychoactive effects? Well look no further, because our line of Moonshine Distiller absinthe essences are just what you need! Now you can join the likes of greats such as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Oscar Wilde in enjoying this traditional, European spirit. And who knows, maybe a world-renowned book or painting lies in your future, thanks to the creative inspiration of our Moonshine Distiller absinthe essences. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for you), our absinthe flavorings are thujone-free, and thus free of any psychoactive effects.

In the USA, while you cannot legally distill for consumption, you can buy a neutral spirit (like vodka) and add any of our Moonshine Distiller essences to make your own liquors. Just mix and drink! Each bottle of absinthe flavoring is good for 750ml of alcohol.

Instructions: Pour the contents of this bottle into a 35 fl. oz. (1 L) bottle. Fill with 26.5 fl. oz. (750 ml) of 40-50% ABV grain alcohol, neutral vodka. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes approximately 27 fl. oz. (770 ml).

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essential oils and propylene glycol.

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Moonshine Distiller's Absinthe Essence

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