• 8 Gallon Copper Boiler
    8 Gallon Copper Boiler 8 Gallon Copper Boiler

A modern, heavy-duty solid copper boiler, with a nostalgic look. Our 8-gallon copper boilers have a 2" port at the bottom for use of a drain valve and heating element. The boiler lid with a 2" tri-clover port is secured by a durable single-latch clamp. Stand out with this new-styled copper boiler! It's so beautiful, you'll want it as a show piece!

Distillation boiler includes:

  • 2" Tri-Ferrule copper lid
  • 2" Tri-ferrule side port, clamp, and gasket for a heating element.

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8 Gallon Copper Boiler

  • $281.99

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