5500W Heat Controller Kit, 240V


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After several people contacted me, unsure if they could properly assemble our heating element controller kits, we finally have a completely assembled kit available! It is built around a 40 Amp Solid State Relay so that it can last a long time with the 30 amp current of a typical household 240V. Learn how you can use this Camco heating element kit for controlling your heat and boiler temperature.

These heating element controllers come with a 1-year warranty and are perfect for a serious home or commercial distilling setup.

Heating Element Controller Kit Includes:
-40 Amp Solid State Relay
-Aluminum heatsink
-Thermal paste and screws connecting the heatsink to the Solid State Relay
-Locking on/off switch
-Potentiometer, complete with pre-soldered wires
-Dial to indicate how much power you are putting out
Enclosure box and cable glands with locking nuts
Analog ammeter
Electric Heating Element Guard Kit
5500W Electric Heating Element (can substitute the 4500W element upon request)
-4 ft. of power cord
-4 ft. of power cord with closed connection terminals (to connect to the heating element)

Please note that the 240V LimeLife elements are to long to fit in the 8 gallon boiler.

*These kits are assembled to order so they may take a few more days to process. Please let us know if you need these to be delivered ASAP. .

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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