24-hour Turbo Yeast - 210 g

Turbo Yeast - 24 Hour
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Our 24 hour turbo yeast is a high alcohol and temperature tolerant distillers yeast complete with needed nutrients. This high alcohol yeast will produce 14% alcohol from a sugar wash in 24 hours. Now that's a TURBO yeast! However, if you have plenty of time, we would recommend our 48 hour turbo yeast, since it ferments more cleanly.

Each packet is good for one 5 gallon batch. We recommend using a fining agent like Turbo Clear before putting your wash into the boiler.

For a video on how to make a turbo yeast mash (and see how easy it is), please see our blog post on how to make a turbo yeast mash.

Instructions (per 5 gallons):
1. Add 4.5 gallons of luke-warm water to your fermentation vessel.
2. Add  20 cups (10 pounds) of sugar for a 14% mash and stir until completely disolved.
3. Add the package of 24 hour turbo yeast.
4. Ferment between 70-85 degrees, or until all fermentation activity stops (this is easy to see by the bubbles from an airlock, but often can be heard as a fizzing noise too). A lower fermentation temperature will lead to longer fermentation times.

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