13 Gallon Stainless Steel Still Kit (Dual Purpose, 3")

Moonshine Still Kit
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This 13-gallon moonshine still kit contains everything you need to start distilling your own moonshine. Buy everything you need to be your own moonshine distiller with just one click!

You can run this 13-gallon moonshine still kit as either a traditional pot still (by running water through the condenser and removing the bottom portion of the tower) or as a reflux still. It will allow you to create the high-quality moonshine no matter what you are trying to create.

The only additional thing you will need to run this moonshine kit is sugar to ferment and a garden hose to provide the cooling water.

How to assemble your moonshine still kit:

For additional information on how to assemble your moonshine still, check out our blog post on assembling your dual purpose moonshine still tower or our "How to Set Up Your Dual Purpose Reflux Still" video for detailed directions. Additionally, you can check out our video on " how to run a dual purpose still tower."


This kit for making moonshine contains the following:

  • 13-gallon boiler with 2" clamp, gasket. and end-cap at the bottom for an optional heating element. Also includes a 1.5" clamp, gasket, and end-cap at the top for an optional thermometer.
  • Top portion of reflux still with final product condenser
  • Lower verticle column
  • One 3" silicone gasket
  • One 3" silicone gasket with screen (holds copper mesh)
  • Two 3" stainless steel tri-clamps
  • Drain valve with gasket and clamps
  • 1 x hose connector package for reflux stills
  • 1 x outdoor propane cooker with larger 17" top
  • 1 x copper mesh (may want to order 1 additional and/or some raschig rings)
  • 2 x 24 hour turbo yeast

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