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Fermentis Safspirit American Whiskey Yeast
This dry whiskey yeast strain was selected to meet the requirements of American whiskey, bourbon ..
Fermentis Safspirit Fruit Distiller's Yeast
Safspirit Fruit was specially selected for its fructophilic character as well as its high alcohol..
Fermentis Safspirit Grain Yeast
Safspirit Grain was selected for its ability to resist to high alcohol levels and its neutral fla..
Fermentis Safspirit Malt Yeast
Safspirit Malt is recommended for craft distilling of Scotch type whiskies as well as bourbons. A..
Red Star Distiller's Active Dry Yeast (DADY)
A specially selected strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisae designed for distiller's use in ..
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