Distilling Boilers

Our distilling boilers are perfect for you and your at home distillery. No matter what your application is, we are your one stop source. We have several sizes of smaller stainless steel milk can distillation boilers, 50 gallon boilers, and large commercial boilers (special order items).

If you are looking for a larger commecial distilling boiler (50+ gallons), please contact us directly so we can get you a quote on a product that matches your needs.

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Stainless Steel Milk Can Boiler - 26 Gallon
This is a premium mirror polished 26-gallon milk can stainless steel distilling boiler w..
Based on 6 reviews.
13 Gallon Copper Boiler
A modern, heavy-duty solid copper boiler, with a nostalgic look. Our 13 gallon copper boilers hav..
Stainless Steel Milk Can Boiler - 13 Gallon/3" Opening
**This item is currently available for pre-order only."   This is a premium ..
Based on 5 reviews.
Stainless Steel Milk Can Boiler - 8 Gallon/2" Opening
This is a premium mirror polished stainless steel milk can distilling boiler with a 2" tri-cl..
Based on 1 reviews.
3 Gallon Milk Can Boiler
This is the smallest of our milk can distilling boilers, perfect to be used a stove top distiller..
26 Gallon Double Wall Boiler (100L)
This 26-gallon boiler (100L) has a double layer of heavy-duty stainless steel. It is designed so ..
50 Gallon Boiler (200L)
This 200 liter boiler (50 gallon boiler) is made from heavy duty stainless steel and perfect for ..
50 Gallon Kettle (200L)
This 50 gallon stainless steel kettle boiler (200 liters) has a double layer of heavy duty stainl..
Metal Stand for 26 Gallon Boiler
This boiler stand is perfect for holding up the 26 gallon boiler, allowing you to place a burner ..
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